Add-On Aircraft for AeroflyFS Coming Soon: key.Aero, Flight Simulation 04/11/2013

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Add-On Aircraft for AeroflyFS Coming Soon Two of Just Flight's popular GA aircraft add-ons, the Archer III and Duchess, have both been remodelled for full compatibility with the aeroflyFS flight simulator and will be available soon! Richard Benedikz - 13-Oct-2013 aeroflyFS on sale now at Just Flight Download edition for PC on sale now Introductory offer: 24.99 / 30.95 / $37.99 (usual price 29.99 / 37.95 / $44.99) Boxed edition for PC on pre-order (release date: 25 October) Introductory offer: 27.99 / 34.95 / $41.99 (usual price 34.99 / 43.95 / $52.99) aeroflyFS comes covers almost 16,000 square miles of Switzerland, with truly gorgeous graphics. It consists of highly detailed aircraft with accurately simulated flight physics: C172 Skyhawk, F/A-18 Hornet, Robin DR 400 / 140B Major, Pitts S-2B, Discus bM glider, Swift S1 glider, Sopwith F1 Camel, Extra 300 LX. Other features include - Realistic environment with scenery resolution down to three feet - Animated instruments plus Moving Map in the cockpit and in an extra display window - Authentic flight environment - adjustable wind, views, clouds and thermals - Interactive flight challenges - Autopilot function - Winch start for gliders - Support for TrackIR - Adjustable realism settings "Given the diversity in visual quality currently available within the simulation market, AeroflyFS is by far the single most attractive flight sim Ive ever spent time with - plus its silky smooth too!... A lot of potential as a platform for future expansion and even to be the absolute best VFR simulator on the market" PC Pilot magazine (read the full review here ) Archer III Duchess


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